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If you are lucky to live well, then help the planet too

Welcome to CarbonWall™ 

CarbonWall™ – was originally set up to encourage people to help the planet by going carbon neutral and donating time and money to environmental causes. However over time the creator found that CarbonWall™ inspired himself to set up his own venture, .

After examining the problems facing our planet he saw that factory livestock farming seemed to be one of the biggest contributors to the world’s problems. And after seeing some very disturbing industrial treatment of livestock in factory food systems he slowly transitioned to a plant based diet.

Animal welfare came first but the unimaginable scale of animal production was clearly devastating the planet, so he used the inspiration from CarbonWall™ to come up with something he felt would make a real difference. He called it based on the free plant based burgers he gives away to encourage a transition to plant based eating.

His aim was simply for the world to know what they pay when they by meat and dairy. By watching videos of UK factory farming people have a chance to align their purchases with their moral values. Freeburger simply wishes to lift the veil on the deliberately hidden world of factory farming, for a better world for animals, and for humans.

Check out his web site here and grab yourself a free burger at the next popup event, which are held in Wales, United Kingdom.

There’s hope for mankind Let’s measure success in a new way. It’s time to put the planet before profit. Let’s give back to the environment while we live our lives starting now and focus on what matters most – our green planet.