Thriving Planet

Make your business sustainable in the new world

Our planet is suffering an environmental crisis. We are the first generation where real scientific consensus says we must change now to prevent the cascading effects of from environmental devastation and climate change. Embed a simple change into your business and protect the planet now.

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Welcome to CarbonWall™ 

CarbonWall™ is a simplistic but powerful free self certification system to encourage you to protect the planet through your business. Scale the CarbonWall™ levels of bronze, silver and gold and display the CarbonWall™ emblems to show your success. Get started now!

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Drive the revolution

CarbonWall™ gets to the root of climate change and turns back the clock. Members will protect the environment including the land, the sea and the air. Animals will be protected from extinction and harm. Pollution will be reduced for a better existence for all of us!

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Be an environmental Legend

People in developed countries use a lot of the earth’s resources. We can balance this out by buying from companies that adopt planet positive practices. CarbonWall™ encourages businesses to improve our planet whilst making money – the two can go hand in hand!

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Don’t pay us a penny, ever

CarbonWall™ is an independent moneyless system. The CarbonWall™ system was created free of charge to set a precedent of generosity. CarbonWall™ has no charges and no paperwork as these get in the way and put people off.  We aim to get numerous businesses on board for a rapid shift to a healthier world. CarbonWall™ believes in you.

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Join now – aim for gold!

Make the connection between your life and the health of the planet. Find new purpose and become part of a global solution.  Forget the Superhero films – join CarbonWall™ and you will be saving the world.

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