Thriving Planet

A free scheme to protect our planet

Is your business turnover under £1m?
Want to help the planet easily?
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Welcome to CarbonWall™ 

CarbonWall™ is a free self certification system to encourage businesses to be environmentally positive through meaningful giving. Scale the CarbonWall™ levels of bronze, silver and gold and display the CarbonWall™ emblems to show your success in looking after the planet. Get started today!

Feel-Good Giving 

CarbonWall goes to the roots of climate change. Members will protect the environment including the land, the sea and the air. Animals will be protected from extinction and harm. Our environment will be protected from pollution to create a better existence for all life on earth.

We believe in you

The CarbonWall™ concept was donated by its creator. Fees and paperwork slow down progress so CarbonWall is free with no signup.  CarbonWall™ is an independent moneyless system. We aim to get numerous businesses on board for a rapid shift to a healthier world. CarbonWall™ believes in you.

Make a real difference

Developed countries use a lot of the earth’s resources. We can help balance this by buying from companies that adopt planet positive practices. CarbonWall™ encourages businesses to balance our desire for comfortable living with sustaining a healthy planet and encourages better use of resources.

Let’s improve the world

Throughout history humans have made their mark on the planet. But an industrial revolution around the eighteen twenties took things to a new level. The earth’s population was around a billion and mass production lowered the cost of living. The population exploded to almost eight billion in two hundred years.

Join now – aim for gold!

Make the connection between your life and the health of the planet. Find new purpose and become part of the solution.  Reconnect with nature like never before. Forget the Superhero films – join CarbonWall™ and you will be saving the world.

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