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Report and encourage

Now it’s time to report your hard work to your customers. This is required by CarbonWall™ and should be easily visible on your shop window, web site, vehicle or anywhere it can easily be found. The example below can copied or printed and filled in as it is or adapted slightly to your own layout.

CarbonWall™ Environmental Pledge for Tax year ____/____

We would like to thank our customers in advance for your continued support. Every time you buy from us you are helping the planet.

This year our business ___________________ aims to become carbon neutral and to give an additional ___% of sales revenue to environmental causes. This is part of a free scheme called CarbonWall™.org which we have joined at the ________ level.

Our sales for the year are projected to be £_________. Our ___% commitment would be that we will donate  £_____ to environmental causes. Our current projection is that we will pay £_____ to offset our carbon footprint and go carbon neutral.

To be filled in at the end of the financial year
Our total sales for the year were £_________ of which ___% gave us a total of £_____ that we donated to environmental causes including __________________________________.  An additional £_____ was paid to a certified carbon offsetting scheme to become carbon neutral. 

To sign up for free visit www.carbonwall.org

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